This is a blog about life. In all its facets. And here’s why I started it:

I’ve always wanted to write a blog. Why? Because I like to share my thoughts. I like to put all those things which are on my mind, into words. Words which are read by people. Words which express myself. Words which mean something to me. And maybe to someone else as well, one day.

But there was something that has kept me from starting this project for a long time. It was the fact that pretty much every blog I knew, was about one single topic. There are those smart food blogs about a healthy and low-carb and vegan (and low-taste) diet. And the ones about the newest and weirdest fashion and most sticky nail polish, about the skinniest models and most unwearable clothes. Oh, and don’t forget the fitness-freak-blog.

This guy who counts (and posts) every milligram of protein he takes in a day (ideally 2g per kg body weight, if you’re doing some sports, by the way) and uploads mirror-selfies of his perfectly trained body EVERY day, together with some wise words like “Train hard or go home/ Still a long way to go/ Gotta get in shape again/ No pain no gain b*tches/ never gonna give up” and so on.  These are just some examples of the kinds of blogs most followed and loved on the internet. All focusing on one specific side of life. And that was my big problem.

I just can’t write about ONE thing. It’s boring. It’s not enough for me. I do love food (not vegan though), I definitely enjoy sports and as society demands it, I’m wearing some clothes as well. I have to say some things about all of that. And about a lot of other things, too. Life doesn’t have only one side. It isn’t just black and it isn’t just white. It is about all of its shades. The good ones, the bad ones, and them between.

I figured if can’t find the one perfect topic for my blog, I’ll just write about what comes to my mind except for waiting for the day that I find my one and only passion which I want to talk about all the time (actually I hope I never will, who on earth want’s to listen to that?!). So, here I am just starting right here, right now!