Who I am

Let me introduce myself real quick:12115495_545901832230433_1958093449915935507_n

I’m a writer.
A thinker.
A business student.
A soccer player.
A traveler.
An Austrian.
A woman.
An explorer.
A city girl.

A passionist.
A book worm.
A party person.
A sister.
A music-lover
A german-speaker.
A morning crouch.
A coffee addict.
A carnivore.
A night owl.

And I’m a blogger. I like to write about all the fascinating things that life has to offer. About sport, music, books, food, love, partys and so much more. Just everything. I wanna share my experience and thoughts with YOU. And I don’t just want to tell you about my life and me but I want to know what’s YOUR opinion on everything. So please don’t be shy and leave a comment or send me a message!